Bluetooth Earpiece-Embedded Wearables – The 'Earband V08' Smart Bracelet is Multifunctional (

The ‘Earband V08’ Smart Bracelet is Multifunctional

The ‘Earband V08’ smart bracelet has been created with modern mobile lifestyles in mind to ensure that users are always within reach of the technological capabilities they desire most.

The wearable works by connecting to your smartphone to alert you to notifications, track your distance walked, steps taken, calories burned, how you’re sleeping and even your blood pressure. When you have an incoming call, the wearable transitions into an earpiece that can be removed from the bracelet casing to be placed in your ear. This eliminates the need for separate headsets or to reach for your smartphone when a call comes through.

The ‘Earband V08’ smart bracelet identifies the need for more multifunctional mobile technology solutions that provide users with an enhanced sense of freedom when on-the-go.

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