Conceptual Pressed Juice Brands – 'Sip' Offers a Unique Take on Standard Juice Bottle Packaging (

‘Sip’ Offers a Unique Take on Standard Juice Bottle Packaging

Sip is a conceptual juice brand designed by the RMIT University student Daniel Robson, and the unique conceptual product offers a design that strays from those that consumers are more accustomed to in their juice and beverage products.

Rather than being offered in a cylindrical bottle, Sip is offered in glass bottles that are rectangular in shape, and contain small white screw tops. The juice is 100% raw and organic, cold-pressed, and is free of concentrated juices, preservatives, gluten, and added sugar. The juice itself is made up of cold-pressed cucumber, pineapple, coconut and lemon – making the concept brand one that perfectly suits people’s summer flavor preferences.

The conceptual Sip brand provides unique inspiration for companies seeking a new and distinct brand identity for their own products.

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