Fly-Trapping Coffee Cups – The 'Fly Trap Lid' Extends the Life of the Disposable Coffee Cup (

The ‘Fly Trap Lid’ Extends the Life of the Disposable Coffee Cup

This ‘Fly Trap Lip’ is an innovative design created by Li Zhu and Yanqing Hu, who are hoping to manage a disease-carrying insect population while making use of the materials one already has.

This multi-functional lid helps extend the life of a disposable coffee cup by providing it with a purpose as it sits in public garbage cans. The design features a small deviation from the standard lid in the form of a tiny dent that can be pressed down. Once finished a beverage, consumers are asked to push down on the dent, creating a small conical structure. The structure serves as an effective trap, making it difficult for a fly to escape once it’s inside. A coffee cup serves as the perfect model for a fly trap, as the leftover coffee residue naturally attracts bugs.

This conceptual lid hopes to effectively decrease the fly population, while giving a second life to garbage.

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