Haptic Surgical VR Models – ImmersiveTouch Provides Doctors with Haptic Feedback (TrendHunter.com)

ImmersiveTouch Provides Doctors with Haptic Feedback

ImmersiveTouch is a virtual reality training tool that provides doctors and surgeons with preoperative planning and experience.

The system integrates physical touch into the virtual reality model, offering haptic feedback that replicates the surgical touch and feel of a patient’s anatomy. This tool ensures surgeons are entering each procedure with the confidence and practice that’s required for success. Leonard Kranzler, a surgeon at the University of Chicago, explained that doctors are “learning while doing rather than learning while practicing.” Through ImmersiveTouch, doctors are offered the tools for an enhanced performance that requires multi-sensory engagement.

In addition, ImmersiveTouch can convert medical scans into a 3D models so patients can visualize and better understand their condition prior to an operation. This educational aspect enables doctors to communicate with patients in a more comprehensive and accessible manner.

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