Honduran President Declared Winner in Disputed Election

On Friday, a national strike led to clashes between protesters and the military police at roadblocks around the country. At least 22 people have been killed since the disputed vote, according to the Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras, a human rights group.

On election night, preliminary results suggested that Mr. Nasralla had a strong lead — but the count was then stopped for more than a day. When the counting resumed, Mr. Hernández was reported to have begun closing the gap as new results were registered. Eventually, the electoral commission’s tally gave him a small lead.

Election observers from the O.A.S. said on Dec. 6 that the “irregularities, mistakes and systemic problems plaguing this election make it difficult” to be “certain about the outcome.”

The organization backed a call for a partial recount, and the electoral commission went ahead with the tally. The alliance of leftist parties backing Mr. Nasralla, as well as a third party, the Liberal Party, handed over their copies of the tally sheets from polling places to the O.A.S. and asked for a full recount.

On Sunday, Mr. Matamoros, the electoral commission president, said in a brief televised statement that the agency had complied with all the O.A.S. recommendations.

Mr. Nasralla’s alliance has called for protests on Monday. The Liberal party has scheduled protests for Tuesday.

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