Imaginative Airplane Beds – The Circu Sky One Plane Bed Lets Kids Pretend They're Pilots (

The Circu Sky One Plane Bed Lets Kids Pretend They’re Pilots

The car bed used to be the pinnacle of bedroom furniture for kids, but the Circu Sky One Plane Bed aims to help push it off the pedestal to take the crown as being one of the most playful and imaginative designs yet. The bed features ample space for a child to sleep, while the exterior design of the frame is designed to look just like an airplane to give the child’s bedroom the feeling of an airport hangar.

The Circu Sky One Plane Bed features two suitcases that act as steps up to the bed’s surface, while also offering drawer storage within to help kids keep their room looking as tidy as possible. The bed frame is perfectly sized for toddlers and will be suitable for kids who have a penchant for air travel.

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