Indulgent Mix-In Yogurts – Noosa Yoghurt's Trio of New 'Mates' Feature Decadent Add-Ins (

Noosa Yoghurt’s Trio of New ‘Mates’ Feature Decadent Add-Ins

Noosa Yoghurt recently expanded its collection of dairy products with three all-new mix-in varieties called ‘Mates.’ These products include decadent flavors like Caramel Chocolate Pecan, Coffee Chocolate Almond and Blueberry Walnut Granola, which include premium toppings such as pretzels, nuts and almond slivers. Other notable ingredients include the whole milk cold-brew coffee yogurt found in the Coffee Chocolate Almond Noosa Mates, as well as the Purely Elizabeth ancient grain granola in the Blueberry Walnut Granola Noosa Mates variety.

The portable yogurt snacks make it easy for consumers to indulge on the go, as well as customize the amount of flavor and texture they would like added to the rich yogurt bases.

The newest additions to the Noosa Yoghurt range also include Blackberry Noosa, made with whole milk yogurt and Marion blackberries, plus a Raspberry Lemonade Noosa honey-yogurt with Meyer lemons and raspberries.

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