Inflatable Furniture Concepts – This Furniture for Children Replaces Screws with Balloons (

This Furniture for Children Replaces Screws with Balloons

Fern Toynton is creating furniture for children that requires their involvement at all levels. The designer has crafted a colorful and bubbly collection that replaces screws and bolts with small, sausage-shaped balloons. Children are invited to slot the balloons through the holes of the slated beechwood, creating a variety of safe and surprisingly functional designs.

The inflation on both sides of the slots holds the creations in place, while the temporary nature of inflatable balloons makes an immersive design experience that can transform as the child’s creativity grows. These products are as playful through their assembly as they are in their completed form, helping children unlock their creative potential.

This furniture collection requires children to work in pairs, making for the perfect activity for siblings who might need to practice their team working abilities.

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