Kid-Friendly Cancer Animations – 'Imaginary Friend Society' Helps Children Understand The Disease (

‘Imaginary Friend Society’ Helps Children Understand The Disease

This September, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation introduced the ‘Imaginary Friend Society’ as an interactive series of cartoons to help equip and prepare children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The 20 cancer-related films cover difficult topics in a manner that’s comprehensible and enjoyable for a child, equipping the patient with the skills and confidence needed to help fight the disease. The animated videos encourage children to visualize frightening MRI machines as spaceships, and boast of the benefits of wearing wigs. These videos address a child’s concerns, fears, anxieties and questions with compassion and understanding, offering an educational tool that’s beneficial for parents and the child.

Using the perspective of imaginary friends, these kid-friendly videos aim to alleviate the confusion that children undergo after a diagnosis, and on their journey to recovery.

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