Lockable Bike Baskets – The 'Buca Boot' is Like a Car Trunk for Your Bike (TrendHunter.com)

The ‘Buca Boot’ is Like a Car Trunk for Your Bike

The ‘Buca Boot’ offers cyclists “the versatility of a bike basket with the security of a car trunk.”

Biking offers a consumer incomparable environmental and health benefits, however its lack of storage can make navigating the city and accomplishing daily tasks a bit of a challenge at times. Traditional bike baskets allow the rider to glide around town, displaying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or a picturesque baguette. However, the fear of having items stolen once one arrives at a destination can be enough to deter a consumer from purchasing one in the first place.

The Buca Boot solves this problem by providing a safe space for consumers to leave their belongings. This weather-proof bike bin is perfect for stowing a helmet, purse or groceries, enhancing consumer convenience while offering cyclists peace of mind while they’re away.

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