Maple-Flavored Gummies – Squish Candies' 'Eh Canada' Set Features a Sweet Canadian Flavor (

Squish Candies’ ‘Eh Canada’ Set Features a Sweet Canadian Flavor

For Canada Day this year, Squish Candies introduced a limited-edition ‘Eh Canada’ pack of authentically maple-flavored and maple leaf-shaped gummy candies.

While gummy candies are often launched in a variety of sweet fruit flavors, these ones offer Canadians the chance to celebrate one of the nation’s most beloved flavors. The gummies are offered in red and white colorways, making for the perfect patriotic treats to serve as snacks at an upcoming Canada 150 party.

As well as being drawn to these unique Squish Candies for their festive shape and flavor, Canadian consumers will also appreciate that the sweets are free from GMO ingredients, fat, artificial colors and flavors, as with many of the sweet offerings from the artisanal North American candy store.

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