Remixed Peach-Flavored Sodas – Coca-Cola Japan Released It's First Peach-Flavored Coke (

Coca-Cola Japan Released It’s First Peach-Flavored Coke

Coca-Cola, one of the world’s leading soft drink distributors will be celebrating Japan’s Mono no Sekku “the seasonal festival of peaches” this spring, with the release of a new peach-flavored Coke.

The first of it’s kind, this drink is not just a peach-flavored soda, but a mix of traditional Coke with peach flavoring said to just have slight fruit notes. The label sticks to the classic Coca-Cola branding with red and white, and an added plump peach graphic.

Coca-Cola’s newest product will not be available in the traditional can, but in a smaller 280mL bottle, and the traditional 500mL bottle. With great anticipation and only exclusive to Japan, this peach-flavored Coke will be only available for a limited time starting January 22nd.

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