Sound-Inspired Jewelry Exhibits – This Jewelry was Made Using Deconstructed Loudspeakers (

This Jewelry was Made Using Deconstructed Loudspeakers

Artist Dana Hakim Bercovich represents the embodiment of sound through her exhibit which features gorgeous jewelry made from deconstructed loudspeakers. The jewelry is displayed at Bercovich’s solo exhibit at the Design Museum Holon in Israel as part of the museum’s ‘Sound and Matter in Design’ show.

To make the jewelry, the artist collected mesh from old speaker systems and incorporated it into beautiful geometric wearables. The collection is comprised of necklaces, broaches, bracelets and earrings. The jewelry is characterized by a vibrant yellow color profile that complements the black mesh. Each piece in the exhibit is accompanied by a whimsical soundtrack, which is comprised of “wire snipping, hammering, the whoosh of spray paint, and even the subtle rustling of Bercovich embroidering the mesh” all recorded from the artist’s studio.

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