Standalone VR Headsets – The 'Oculus Go' Operates Without Cables or a Mobile Phone (

The ‘Oculus Go’ Operates Without Cables or a Mobile Phone

Facebook is introducing the next generation of virtual reality headsets with ‘Oculus Go,’ which has the ability to operate untethered from cables and without a mobile phone.

The standalone Oculus Go was designed to be ultra-accessible and is said to offer “the easiest way to jump into VR.” As such, the versatile headset has the potential to be used for everything from movie- or concert-watching to playing games or spending time with friends in a virtual environment like Facebook Spaces.

The Oculus Go headset itself is ultra-lightweight, comfortable, soft and breathable, with a high-resolution LCD screen and a wide field of vision. Speakers are built into the headset, but the design also includes a headphone jack for a more immersive audio experience.

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