Top 25 Commuting Trends in October – From Cask-Crafted Cycles to Driver-Connected Vehicles (

From Cask-Crafted Cycles to Driver-Connected Vehicles

The top October 2017 commuting ideas prioritize connectivity, ease and efficiency, introducing forward-thinking transportation concepts that consider how one’s vehicle of choice may be integrated with one’s home or work life.

Two prime examples of this include the Volvo Care Concept Car, which uses personal data to considers an employee’s physical and mental health, as well as the Renault Symbioz imagines a world in which cars and homes are strategically built just for one another. Although cars, bicycles and buses are often thought of as helpful tools to get one from point A to point b, these concepts signify that commuting solutions have the potential to play a much larger part in one’s overall lifestyle.

In terms of public transportation, some of the most innovative ideas that are being explored include the use of autonomous shuttles to help the elderly get around, dedicated buses that drive locals directly to fast food chains and long-range electric buses.

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