VR Surgical Training Systems – Side Effects Asia Pacific Simulates Stressful Medical Environments (TrendHunter.com)

Side Effects Asia Pacific Simulates Stressful Medical Environments

Virtual reality presents medical professionals with the opportunity to explore and experience surgical procedures in a manner that’s both noninvasive and entirely safe, prompting the creators at Side Effects Asia Pacific to continue to develop immersive environments that doctors can use as a training tool for students.

The company’s new system will enable trainees to experience realistic emergency situations that can accurately test a student’s ability to make decisions under stressful circumstances. The simulated surgical scenarios offer the trainees insight into the high-pressure and emotional process of emergency medical treatments that medical school can’t always prepare one for. In addition to the hands-on practice, the virtual reality system provides instructors with a comprehensive analysis of the trainees’ strengths and points of development, allowing individuals to practice at a personalized pace.

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